How To Install VNC On Centos 6 VPS Easy Steps


Installing VNC on your linux server reduce your time and some task. with gui interface its looks easy to manage your llinux server so today i m going to show you some easy command to install vnc server on your cloud linux vps server or on your own local server

Step 1.- 1st of all you need putty windows client software to connect to your centos server download Putty From Here if don’t have On your pc

Step 2. put your server ip in putty and login with your login details make sure you logged in with root access

Step3. Now time to play with some easy commands so copy and paste these commands on putty window copy from below and on putty window Click Right Click on Mouse it will auto paste on putty window

yum -y groupinstall Desktop
yum -y install qt qt-devel SDL-devel tigervnc-server gcc make kernel-devel

Step 4. Now you Need to setup password for you vnc server just type this command on putty


Step 5. Now you need to add just these 2 lines before starting your vnc server. so to complete this step you need sftp client software i recommend you to download WinSCP From Here. open this software and put your ip details and you can manage your files remotely


Go To folder etc/sysconfig/vncserver

Now add 2 lines

VNCSERVERARGS[0]="-geometry 1024x768"

Now finally start your Vnc server with this command

service vncserver Start

To connect with vnc server you need vnc client software so download tighvnc viwer and connect with your ip or hostname and click on connect you will be asked for password type the password you created earlier with vncpasswd command


Thats it you got your vnc server up and running thanks for visting earnworld for more updates like this please subscribe us or follow us on facebook twitter fan page

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